This blog is about Yakitoko, a clothing brand started in 2011 by Frange Abaraka while attending the University of Maryland, College Park.

The meaning of Yakitoko came from Lingala, a dialect from Central Africa. The word helms on the idea of the literal translation of “Something Beautiful”. I know you thought it was Japanese, got ya!!

The idea first came to me in January, 2010, when I discovered a ‘Threadless’ clothing community, where artists come to submit their designs for a chance to get printed on a t-shirt and earn $2500. At ‘Threadless’ I learned a lot in terms of designing; it’s not only a competitive website, the artists are kind enough to give suggestions and offer help on ideas circulated. That helped me hone in my skills. After spending some time circulating my ideas and receiving positive feedback, I decided it was time to share my talent with the world.

At Yakitoko, the motto is “dress for fun”. We strive to offer fun, artistic, and quality design.

Frange Abaraka


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